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Our Solution

Ubiquitous geothermal energy could be an important element of national energy security, as well as an energy supply to off-the-grid installations demanding minimal carbon footprint.

Our closed-loop system is predictably steady with a negligible environmental impact neither consuming precious water, nor depleting ground water.
Upward view of power lines.
Closed loop system.

Only Now Possible – and ready for deployment

Above Ground
Conventional equipment for power and industrial processes
Advanced techniques now enable drilling that is deeper, faster, cheaper, to hotter places
Thermal Conductivity Enhancement
Proprietary thermo-conductive materials enhancing conductivity of the rock
Tube-in-Tube Harvester
Integration of field tested components creates an efficient harvester design
Return Tube Insulation
New insulating materials prevent heat loss in the flow to the surface
Environmentally Isolated Flow 
Zero emission
Zero containments
Small footprint
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